Its particularity is giving the treated garment a soft aged charm that is emphasized also through special lightening in the greater thickness areas.


To emphasise the essence of dyed garments, this process guarantees a perfect combination of color and structure of the fabric, in a harmony of shadows and thicknesses between interior and exterior of great attraction.


The right treatment to enhance the garment with different colour shades, for a dazzling and attractive cloth.


A three dimensions technique that creates strong colour contrasts and gives personality to your clothes.


Degradé, a kaleidoscope of colours ranging from dark and bright tones to lighter shades. This technique allows to obtain a particular, light effect that enhances the craftsmanship of the garment.

Tie & Dye

Dyeing technique recommended to obtain highly diversified designs and color variations, with very complex effects and great visual impact.


Creativity, technical innovation and high design contained in a single treatment.