Fast Dye

Create a superficial “frost” on the clothes that gives them a vintage but at the same time elegant and refined effect.


An iridescent effect of light/dark shadows that gives perception of texture depth.


A three dimensions technique that creates strong colour contrasts and gives personality to your clothes.


It gives a certain movement to the garment, a colour that enhances the garment-dyed characteristics through light and appealing nuances.

Tie & Dye Cloud Effect

Dyeing technique recommended to obtain highly diversified designs and color variations, with very complex effects and great visual impact.


Degradé, a kaleidoscope of colours ranging from dark and bright tones to lighter shades. This technique allows to obtain a particular, light effect that enhances the craftsmanship of the garment.

Cold Dye

A completely handcrafted cold-water dyeing that makes it possible to brighten the garments with opaque and vibrant shades, enhancing the thicknesses and the details that characterize them.


A light effect that brings out the most valued elements of the garment, giving it an aging and high fashion image.


It is the treatment that best contributes to make the garment different; a double color that gives it uniqueness, exclusivity and great class.


From its ancient origins up to now, an elegance synonyms. Brightness and pleasantness enclosed in a fabric.


Natural and delicate fiber of enormous value suitable for infinitive types of processes that make its natural sophistication precious.