Tintoria Tintex

The world is a place full of colour and imagination. We are able to dye any kind of fabric in a wide variety of colours thanks to different techniques.

Colour Specialists

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”

(Cit. Giorgio Armani)



Natural and delicate fiber of extreme value suitable for unlimited types of processes that make its natural sophistication precious.



From its ancient origins up to now, an elegance synonyms. Brightness and pleasantness enclosed in a fabric.



From the delicacy of the flower, a fabric that leaves the skin with a pleasant feeling of freshness.



Resistance to atmospheric agents and crumpling, a fabric which does not mat and guarantees a great colour rendering.



Aesthetic aspect and a pleasant softness touch sensation make leather a highly researched fabric.



From shirts to jeans and wearable both at work and during special occasions; the strengthness of cotton fibres expressed in a fiber.

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Different techniques for different materials.

The ideal treatment for each tissue.


Great care

We dye your clothes with extreme delicacy.



Our colours persist in time.



Guaranteed results on every type of fabric.

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